Ingo Putze

TV-/Film-Design Producing und Virtual Design

Diplomjahr:   2001
Diplomtitel:   Themenabend für Arte

Ingo completed his short film SOLO FINALE in 2015. It was shot entirely on green screen and included 200 VFX shots. Ingo is an Emmy Award winning VFX Supervisor and Art Director with over twenty years of experience in feature film, TV effects and design. He has done art direction and concepts for both pre- and postproduction, working with directors such as Terry Gilliam, Joachim Back and production designer Dante Ferretti. His credits include: ZERO THEOREM, THE HUNGER GAMES, HUGO, HARRY POTTER AND THE DAEATHLY HALLOWS and IMMORTALS. He received the Creative Arts Emmy Award for Sci-Fi Channel's THE TRINAGLE and the Art Directors Guild award for HUGO. He currently lives in London.

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