Simon Pivetta

Interaktive Medien (Transmedia/Games Director)

Diplomjahr:   2018
Diplomtitel:   SCAN

Apolidi I - (Director) experimental documentary as homeless
King smasher - (3D graphics) puzzle game
Seeking the void - (Programming) perspective puzzle game
VR Pigeon - (Director) silly VR experience
SCAN - (Director) analog sequencer and clock generator


Born in Italy and spent the most of his life there. While studying fine arts in high school he learnt about 3D graphics and movie making.
After his teenage he followed an intensive CG course that gave him the chance to enter the filmakademie. Moviemaking and animation wheren't anymore an objective as the comperension for interaction took a major role in his life.
At the Filmakademie he made various works, involving documentary film making, videogames and in the end analog electronics.

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