Lena-Carolin Lohfink

Animation (Animation/Effects Producing)

Diplomjahr:   2018
Diplomtitel:   Producing Ratatoskr - From first idea to final distribution

2018 Blieschow            
Animated Short, 2D | Producer

2018 Asperity                
Outer-Space VR-Experience | Producer

2018 Ratatoskr            
Animated Short, Full CG | Producer

2017 Elemental             
Marketing/Event Campaign | Producer

2017 Zorn dem Volke      
Short film, VFX | Animation/Effects Producer

2017 Moody Booty
Animated short, 2D | Producer
2016 Seeking the Void
PC Game Prototype, 3D | Producer

2016 Elemental             
FMX2017 Trailer, VFX | (Animation/Effects) Producer

2016 Seeking the Void         
ITFS2016, PC-Game | Games Producer

2015 Soundtrack Deutschland     
TV series, documentary | Assistant Producer

2015 Jean Michel Jarre         
TV documentary | Assistant Producer


Lena-Carolin Lohfink is a project manager with a Bacherlor's Degree in Media Production and a Diploma Degree in Animation/Effects Producing. She has been producing film and media for several years now, including having earned a nomination for the Visual Effects Society Award, the Caligari Funding Award and several scholarships for her extraordinary and extracurricular social engagement. Having a wide range of interests, her portfolio not only includes diploma projects such as a full CG teaser or a VR-experience, but also a marketing campaign for the FMX 2017 (Elemental) alongside diverse TV-shows and formats, which she produced 2015 in Berlin. She is always looking for new and exciting challenges to produce experiences that are successful, innovative and stay with an audience long after they are over.

Homepage:   lenalohfink.com
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