Christian Halten

Filmmusik + Sounddesign

Diplomjahr:   2003
Diplomtitel:   "Combatant", "Urtakt"

Highflyers, Documentary (Cinema), 2019 (O)
Good Vibrations - The History Of Electronic Instruments, Commercial, 2017 (O)
BioTek Associations, Commercial, 2017 (O)
Cahier Africain, Feature (Cinema), 2016 (A)
Liebmann, Feature (Cinema), 2016 (O)
The Story Of The Astronaut, Feature (Cinema), 2014 (A)
Chasing The Night | Mono Lake, Documentary Short, 2013 (O)
Mojave National Preserve, Documentary Short, 2013 (O)
Mission Paradise, Documentary (TV), 2010 (O)
Arcania – A Gothic Tale, Video Game, 2010 (D)
Laura’s Star (Dragon Nian), Feature (Cinema), 2009 (A)
Double Take, Docufiction (Cinema), 2009 (O)
The Blue Brick, Short, 2007 (O)
Firestorm: Last Stand at Yellowstone, Feature (TV), 2006 (A)
10.5: Apocalypse, Feature (TV), 2006 (A)
Santa’s Slay, Feature (Cinema), 2005 (A)
Bloodrayne, Feature (Cinema), 2005 (A)
The Ring Two, Feature (Cinema), 2005 (A)
Kein Himmel über Afrika, Feature (TV), 2005 (A)
Sound in Motion, Corporate (DVD), 2004 (O)
Sterne leuchten auch am Tag, Feature (TV), 2004 (A)
Catwoman, Feature (Cinema), 2004 (A)
HP Invent: Printer Shop, Commercial, 2004 (S)
U-Boating, Documentary, 2003 (O)
Alien Entity, Animation Short, 2003 (O)
Combatant, Short, 2002 (O)
Einmal noch, Documentary, 2002 (O)
Cube Factory 2002, Animation Short, 2002 (O)
Urtakt, Animation Short, 2002 (O)
CPP Robots, Animation, 2001 (S)
DEEP SPACE, Documentary (DVD), 1999 (O)
Kaine Gnade II, Short, 1996 (O)
Escape to Waveland, Animation Short, 1996 (O)
Howling with Wolves, Documentary (TV), 1991 (O)
Moraig – Lost River of the Phoenicians, Documentary (TV), 1989 (O)
O=Original Score
A=Additional Music / Arrangements
D=Audio Director
S=Sound Design
Awards and Sponsorships
Large DCF sponsorship for "Giggler - Marvellous Movie Sound" from "MFG - Medien- und Filmgesellschaft BW mbH", Stuttgart, 2014
Sponsorship awards 1 and 2 for "atmoformer" at "NUK Wettbewerb", Cologne, 2010
Best project for Audiosurfer at "Music Award Region Stuttgart" granted by the "Popbüro Region Stuttgart" in collaboration with the "Wirtschaftsministerium Baden-Württemberg" and the "Wirtschaftsförderung der Region", 2007
"VERS.1.2" sponsorship award for electronic music in church granted by the "Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart", 2006
Special innovation award for the sampling software "SampleRobot" at the "Musikmesse Frankfurt 2006" granted by "PPV Medien GmbH", 2006
Sponsorship "Hollywood Experience" from "Landesstiftung BW", Stuttgart, 2003
Nomination of the DVD-Audio "Off Space" for the section "Horizon Award" (best young artist) at the "Surround Music Awards", Los Angeles, 2003
"Honorable Mention" for the film "Ratatouille Intercultural" at the Saar Lor Lux Film Festival, 1997
"Saarland Media Award" for the music scores of "Escape to Waveland" and "Cube Factory", 1997
Other Projects
SampleRobot Montage for Yamaha Corporation, 2017-2020 (C/P/M/S)
SampleRobot - Clever Instrument Creation for SKYLIFE, 2005-20 (C/P/M/S)
Ultra Analog VA-3 Content for Applied Acoustic Systems, 2019 (M/S)
The Snail iOS App for Ircam, 2017 (P)
BioTek Content for Tracktion, 2016 (S)
Giggler - Marvellous Movie Sound iOS App, 2013-2014 (C/P/S/V)
Easel iOS App for Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments, 2014 (C/P)
Futuro Cube German Assets for Princip, 2014 (V)
MicroSampler Sample Banks for Korg, 2011 (M/S)
Ultranova Vocoder Pack for Novation / Focusrite Audio Engineering, 2011 (S)
Atmoformer Application, 2009-2010 (C/P/S)
HALion 4 Content for Steinberg Media Technologies, 2010 (S)
Lounge Lizard Content for Applied Acoustics Systems, 2008 (S)
String Studio Content for Applied Acoustics Systems, 2008 (S)
Ultra Analog Content for Applied Acoustics Systems, 2007 (M)
Xphraze Xpansion for Wizoo Sound Design, 2006 (S)
Neuron Sound in Motion DVD for Hartmann, 2004 (C/P/M/S)
OFF SPACE DVD-Audio for SKYLIFE, 2002 (C/P/M)
Q Content for Waldorf Music, 1999 (S)
Microwave XT Content for Waldorf Music, 1998 (S)
C=Creative Director
P=Project Manager
S=Sound Design


Christian likes to compose music in his studio in Berlin.
Looking back he was one of those enthusiastic children of the Lego age. His talent for creation in form and color was complemented by a passion for film and music. After diving into the exotic sound worlds of electronic instruments as a teenager, he was given the opportunity to compose his first film score for "Moraig – Lost River of the Phoenicians" at the age of 17. This feature-length documentary film entered festivals around the globe. Its director Bernhard Pack became a close friend and it is through this collaboration that Christian learned film dramaturgy and editing. It was then that his passion for film music reached a new high.
Christian quit his studies in Computer Science and Musicology for a diploma in Film Music and Sound Design at the "Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg" in Ludwigsburg. In 2002, he was granted a scholarship from the "Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg" that led him to Los Angeles, California, where he worked with Henning Lohner, Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer on Hollywood film productions such as "Catwoman" and "The Ring 2". Returning to Germany he moved to Berlin and built his new SKYLIFE studio for film music production contributing music to award-winning cinematic movies like "Double Take" and "Highflyers" and also additional music to Heidi Specogna's "Cahier Africain", which was honoured with the Lola "Best Documentary" at the German Film Awards.
Christian has a broad experience in the field of composing for film. He is not only addicted to traditional scoring and orchestration but also to electronic composing and sound design. His film experience reaches back even to celluloid. At the university for a few years he was the leader of a cinema team showing 35mm films twice a week in a huge auditorium with more than 800 seats.
Christian was part of the jury for the German young composers award "Jugend komponiert" (2006-2009) and a member of the jury for the short film music score award "Der Leo" at the "International Film Festival Braunschweig" (2007).

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